Our Services

​​​Our persistence and confidence in handling different projects comes from having worked extensively in the industry. It is also why our services cover a diverse array of functions. We pride ourselves on being able to generate positive outcomes from these services

Application Management & Support Service

If you want your business to flourish, you have to move ahead with the times. Keeping up the pace can become difficult. We can help you manage your business portfolio and network. Our seasoned experts also offer customised support for your products and services.

Audit Service

Every now and then, you are bound to have operational issues, leading to a loss in productivity. In order to manage these issues and optimise your business, we offer to audit your processes and streamline them. Our audits do not interrupt your business schedule and are conducted discreetly.

Consulting Service

Decision-making has to be the hardest task for a manager. Your profits and losses depend largely on the decisions you make. With our help, you are able to make these decisions with better confidence. We provide valuable insights on the industry, helping you map out a strategy for success.

EDI Service

We offer a fully integrated EDI system with the ability to accept and return electronic documents with unbelievable convenience. Sumindex’s design allows you to connect to your respective customers and vendors directly or via a trusted Value-Added Network. Sumindex can help accommodate your specific needs and preferences with ease and precision. Available both as direct EDI to customers and vendors. As well as connecting to a Value-Added Network (VAN).

Implementation Service

Putting together any solution is a challenge if you are unaware of what should be done. We apply our product knowledge and help you implement software and hardware solutions easily. Thus, you are able to reduce risks and adopt the solution in your organisation faster.

Training Service

The positive growth of a company is established by its people. The right people with the right knowledge can accelerate progress and push the organisation ahead of its competitors. Our training are structured in a way to provide your people a practical approach to conducting business.

Upgrade Service

Technology advances with time. What works today may become obsolete tomorrow. We help upgrade your current business solutions and enhance the experience to suit current industry standards. Our upgrades allow you to continue working using your current solution, albeit with a few changes.