Power Platform

    Benefits of Using Power BI

  1. Integrated Financial and Operational Insights

    • Power BI seamlessly integrates data from Dynamics 365 PSA and Dynamics AX, providing a comprehensive view of financial and operational metrics.
  2. Enhanced Decision-Making for Resource Management

    • Optimize resource allocation and utilization with efficient decision-making tools powered by real-time data analytics.
  3. Real-Time Financial Data Access

    • Gain instant access to real-time financial data, including P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Global Revenue, enabling timely and informed business decisions.
  4. Comprehensive Customer and Product Analytics

    • Leverage real-time customer and product analytics to drive business growth and improve customer satisfaction.
  5. Sales Forecasting and Historical Data Analysis

    • Utilize historical sales data for accurate sales forecasting, helping to predict future sales trends and make strategic business decisions.
  6. Seamless Data Integration from Multiple Sources

    • Power BI pulls data from Microsoft Dynamics and other internal sources, ensuring all relevant information is available in one place.
  7. Multi-Departmental Implementation

    • Implement Power BI across Sales, Distribution, Finance, Purchase, Production, Quality, and Maintenance departments for a holistic business overview.
  8. Advanced Analytics for Stakeholders

    • Provide stakeholders with advanced analytics derived from Microsoft Dynamics, Route Pro, and various Excel files to support strategic planning and operations.
  9. Efficient Planning for Purchase and Production

    • Enable Purchase and Production departments to plan more efficiently based on real-time stock availability data.
  10. 360-Degree Business View

    • Achieve a 360-degree view of your business with Power BI, integrating data from various departments and systems for comprehensive insights.
  11. Streamlined Timesheet Tracking

    • Improve timesheet tracking and quickly identify defaulters, enhancing accountability and productivity within your organization.
  12. Cost and Time Reduction

    • Reduce costs and save time by eliminating manual work involved in generating reports from different systems, thanks to automated data integration with Power BI.

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